How do I get my questions answered? - 1/14/2012

Please use our contact page, and look us up we are here to help you.

You can also leave mail for the Local officers at their home terminals, or mail it directly to their homes.

***  Please remember that due to the new FRA guidlines regarding cell phone use, that the officers will not have their cell phones turned on while on duty.   Please remember to leave a detailed message.

Protecting yourself while using facebook - 1/13/2012
MetLife Phone Number - 1/12/2012


This number is used when a person is off injory, to receive benifits from the carrior.


Tip: Receive and have your paperwork in hand when seeing your doctor and ensure you get the paperwork back the same day. Leaving them leaves doctors to fill them out when its at their convenience. You dont get paid untill they receive your papers. Also have your doctors office give you a photo copy of the fully filled out forms in the event Metlife claims they didnt receive them. This will prevent you from having to pay a paperwork fee again to have them filled out a second time.

Rail Road Retirment Board - 1/8/2012



Tip: When putting in a claim for injory/sickness the applicant must have the paperwork sent to RRB from there doctors office, otherwise it will not be accepted. Also there have been several instances where RRB claims they didnt receive paperwork so have your doctors office make you a photo copy of the fully filled out forms to ensure you wont have to pay a paperwork fee if you need them to send it in again.